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I hope this can be a place of sharing and healing. I want to share my struggles and surprises on this journey. I want to help you find healing like I did by relying on my faith and pursuing my dream of writing a children's book. Maddy and Scooter: Unlikely Friends is not only my book, but an action response to my grief. I hope you can give birth to your dream!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It Takes A Village

Hillary Clinton said it took a village to raise a child, but I am finding out it takes a village to HAVE a child! Most women when they find out they are expecting go to their ob/gyn, get some generic pre-natal vitamins and they are on their way. Not in my case...No I have a team of Dr. Shelia Panda, my naturopathic doctor, Dr. Dana Chortkoff, my ob/gyn, Jeneanne Paden, my acupuncturist, Chantal Russell, my chiropractor, and Trish (sorry don't know her last name), massage therapist. Now you might be thinking um, okay overload! Actually, I want to spend time highlighting each of them in weeks to come because they have all been so supportive and are working together to produce the best, most healthiest environment to have a baby. You might still be wondering about the chiropractor, acupuncturist or massage therapist? Well, the acupuncture experience these last couple of months has been AMAZING! I will devote one whole blog to that someday soon, but she is a fertility acupuncturist who is phenomenal and the positive side effects I have experienced in just two months are great. For the chiropractor care, I am making sure my hips are aligned and I have been seeing her off and on for 4 years and it just helps for overall well-being. Now the massage therapist plays a huge role in helping my body stay out of the fight/flight mode that could possibly reject an embryo. This is just a continuation of acupuncture and I am usually only going once every 6 weeks during the week of ovulation to help my body stay relaxed and "open" to holding onto a baby. Yes, I know it sounds like a lot or maybe an excuse to be pampered. I must admit I feel a little guilty leaving acupuncture every week feeling so relaxed and refreshed and yes the massage is an added bonus I have to sell Andy on that it is really for medical purposes! :) I look at it this way, it may be costing us money to do all of these things, but I want to have a baby naturally.  For now I am giving my body every possible fighting chance to produce a kid without the resources of drugs or surgery. I do not at all look down on women who take other routes or use traditional Western medicinal treatments. I commend anyone who puts time, effort, money and love to create this miracle of life. For me having a team is what is working for me now as crazy as it sometimes feels informing them all of updates, changes in my body and lab work. This is the path I have chosen and this is the village I know can make it happen!

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